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Target Market Strategy

Competetive Edge
Our competitive edge is a combination of the technical expertise of Jim Carano and the tested and proven results of our products. Currently, no other product is overtly making the claim of decontaminating scachtybotrus or black mold.

This market is saturated with industrial cleaners. Our niche is the Triad Multi-Purpose W/ Corrosion Inhibitor. Our goal is to market to metal stampers/fabricators in the greater Cleveland area as a degreaser for parts washing machines. We are also in the process of developing a synthetic rubber mold cleaner that will find another niche in a large market.

Construction/ Real Estate-
With the current climate of insurance companies refusing for mold cleanup in commercial and private households, Triad Bio Solutions is a natural panacea. Although, proper prevention of the condition to allow the problematic mold is a must to ensure complete correction of the remedy. A mass mailing to Real Estate agents and environmental firms dealing with mold problems will introduce our product to this ever growing industry, commonly called the “ new asbestos problem”..

Governmental and Health Related-
With a contractual agreement with The Continental Group, we intend to get access to the Federal Government’s involvement in Homeland Security and The Department of Defense with their fight aginst biological and chemical terrorism. Federal Grants, appropriations and discretionary funds are what we will attempt to access. Also, the Department of Houseing and Urban Development is currently experiencing ongoing mold infested houses that need decontaminating for Section 8 housing and Veteran Affairs housing. In addition, proper educational material with referral information to be distributed to all public Health departments will produce customers who call for recommendations in mold remediation.

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