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Executive Summary

     Triad Enterprises, Inc. (Triad) is a specialty chemical formulator selling to distributors and direct to metal forming manufacturers, businesses, power washers, home building contractors and health associations. We formulate four proprietary chemicals in concentrated form including Triad Bio Solutions, which is a proven decontamenant for stochybotrus, also known as the “black mold” fungus.

     Triad Enterprises is a niche player in the specialty-industrial-chemical industry, focusing on concentrated products rather than ready to use. We are trying to exploit a market that has no dominant equitable product. We have partnered with a company (World Help Organization) who’s managing partner (Jim Carano)is an expert in the health and environmental field.

     With the current climate of war/terrorism in the Homeland Security and Department of Defense in regard to chemical and biological decontamination, an opportunity exists to infiltrate this market with our Triad Bio Solutions product.

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